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March 10, 2009

Diary of a Hipster Dufus Housewife

Fiona at age 2

Okay, so I’m one month into being gainfully unemployed and wondering what all of the mommy-blog hoo-hah is about. A little background: I’m a 40-year-old mother of two kids (Fiona, 5, and Toby, 2), with 2 degrees in English, loads of writing experience including museum exhibits, non-profit grant writing, many years of teaching literacy and college composition, plus a few published essays. A month ago, I was downsized, let go, made redundant, canned, from my part-time grant-writing gig. Turns out the sinking economy took my job down with it during the worst month of job losses since the downturn began. Now I find myself with all kinds of time without a plan. The kids are in preschool most days, I am faced with 1,000s of half-finished projects and an uncertain career direction, so I thought, why not publish the experience.

Welcome to my journey. Hopefully I can post photos of finished projects (my daughter’s room, finally decorated, my garden as it progresses, or even a sewing lesson with my buddy Liz).

This is all new to me. Wonder what will happen . . .

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