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January 24, 2010

Gonna sit right down and write myself a blog post

I'm going to mess around with the memoir list . . . again.  I do this to my students too, by the way, when I change my mind on assignments and rewrite the syllabus repeatedly.  They love it, really they do.  I picked up The Lonely Days Were Sundays (essays on being Southern and Jewish), but it's very academic and historical, not as warm and fuzzy as I'm used to.  I just couldn't acclimate and coming off of Elizabeth Gilbert, I need a kindred spirit.  Instead, I'm turning my attention to Mary Karr's Lit.  Although I just finished reading Lit a month ago (and rather enjoyed it), it is getting a lot of positive press and may be up for a National Book Award.  It's a timely book to re-read and comment upon for that reason, but Karr (as many people who know me well will attest to) is a literary idol for me.  In this weird age of instant virtual connections, I am actually able to interact with her (although I choose not to) on her Facebook page (that's how I know she's a National Book Award contender).  As I re-read and respond to Lit, I'll keep an eye on Karr's FB page and see what awards stack up in her corner.  Should be interesting.

Lit is the third installment of Karr's memoir trilogy. (The Liar's Club and Cherry were the first two books, the former garnering Karr many critical accolades.  Both of these books are worth reading.  The Liar's Club ranks as one of my favorite reads and re-reads.)  It follows Karr through college, grad school, early teaching, marriage, motherhood, publishing, and most of all alcoholism and recovery.  Lit is a raw-ass book that does not paint a pretty picture of addiction; but, that's Karr's thing.  She makes the reader squirm with painful details and memories then rallies with a salty sense of humor. The title is a double entendre for her publishing successes and her years spent blotto with a tumbler of whiskey on her balcony.

So, that's the plan.  After Lit, I should have Shalom Auslander in my sweaty little paws ready to devour. And yes, it's not on The List (but it should've been).

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