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February 12, 2010

Going Off-list

After multiple depressing reads, I've decided that I'm trashing my list of memoirs in favor of whatever makes me happy at the moment.  Literary hedonism, I know.  So, after Auslander (well, after I survive Lit then Auslander), I'm reading something funny and happy.  My book club is reading Dan Savage so I plan to blog about that (can't wait, actually).  After that, I may read my husband's boss, Tori Murden-McClure's memoir, Pearl In The Storm.  Happy.  Maybe Susan Orleans's The Orchid Thief.  Strange, fascinating, not unhappy.  A friend told me her new mantra for 2010, as she laid for the second time in six months in a hospital bed, "more awesome, less suck".  Yes.

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