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February 9, 2010


Just when I was given the gift of an hour to write and had nothing to say I discovered my friend Laura's new blog and am floored by the writing.  Floored.  She snuck in as a follower of my blog, by first name only.  Never mentioned she was writing a blog too, mind you.  But, ah, I'm a detective by nature and I figured out a.) who she was (you sneaky, sneaky devil) and 2.) found her freakin' awesome and hilarious blog about the freelance life.  (With permission, I will link to it.) 

Laura, watch some Morgan Spurlock cuz you are in good company.  (I believe both seasons of "30 Days" are rentable.  And, of course, "Supersize Me".) I'm jealous, really.  What a genius bloggy idea.

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