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March 23, 2010

And then there's librarything

Okay, just discovered Librarything and may never come out of the house again.  Notice the flashy link to my right?


  1. Two comments: 1) Try too.
    2) Found Not Becoming My Mother a total bore. It's a great intro essay into feminism if you've never read any Friedan, but otherwise unnecessary.

    I'm starting the Kid now.

  2. Sweet! I'll check it out, but worry I'll never give my kids face time again.

    Yeah, Not Becoming My Mother is not Reichl's best. Read Tender At The Bone or Garlic & Sapphires. Both of those stand on their own and are very fun reads. As a former NY-er, I think you'd appreciate G&S. This covers her stint as the NYTimes Food Editor. She goes undercover frequently. I'm talking wigs. Very amusing.