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March 1, 2010

Shake fist at the sky and say "Whaaaaaa"

March better go out like a lamb, is all I have to say.

First of the month is always a tidal wave of spending: piano lessons, bills, prescription refills, preschool tuition.  This month we were also hit with the non-monthlies: ballet lessons ($202 for 1/2 semester tuition), Music Together class ($75 for 1/2 quarter tuition), and pool membership ($Pound of Flesh, which we deferred, thank you very much).  But today, the First of March, 2010 I hit the motherlode of spending: dentist appointment with new insurance that doesn't cover anything -  $187, check;  infection in my dog's front paw + ear ointment + heartworm meds (6 month supply) + nail trimming - $197, check (and, oh yeah, bring her back on Friday); a freak swelling in my toddler son's groin (yes, I said groin) that took us to our family doctor ($25) and is leading to a pediatric surgical consultation on Thursday ($40), which could then lead to out-patient surgery ($??) - check.  I'm not working, so I humbly rely on my husband during the dry spring semester.  I cut my own hair.  I clip coupons.  I save birthday money for church tag sale bonanzas.  I shake my fist in the air and bellow.

Tonight, I calmly decided that this isn't working.

So I believe it's time to start tutoring two nights a week.  I've done it before and can make better money doing that a couple hours a week than I would working retail.  And with my crazy schedule as chief family chauffeur, I can't work a 9-5 gig.  I've done that before too, but the cost of childcare barely warrants the effort.  That's why I want so desperately to make money through freelance writing, but obviously I'm growing impatient waiting to have my genius discovered.

So, yes, I'm ranting while I know perfectly well that we could be in such worse shape.  My husband has a great job with excellent benefits.  My kids are (relatively) healthy, although on a side note I did catch vomit in my hands tonight.  We have supportive parents, friends, a nice house, a fluffy dog.  Sure, we can't furnish said house, but who's counting.

I've asked to teach two courses in the fall while I start my MFA.  I just can't bear the thought of living so close to the bone again.

How does any of this relate to the genre of memoir or Auslander?  It doesn't.  I just needed to rant.


  1. geez - i'm stressed just reading about it - i can't imagine what it's been like to actually read it. i'll definitely pass along the grant writing idea and keep my ear out for anything. it's going to work out. it's going to work out. and i hope your little boy and the dog are okay. and i hope you had a long enough break to wash the vomit off your hands.

  2. Oh yeah, and I have a wicked cold. Whaaaaaa.

    Thank you.