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April 12, 2010

Talking shop

I sat on a panel tonight at a library fundraiser to discuss book clubs.  As usual, I was completely unprepared.  Fortunately, I was supported in the crowd by two friends (fellow book clubbers and high school buds).  We were by far the youngest women there.  And let me just say, the older gals can talk.  I was on the panel, in the front of the room, and I couldn't get a word in between the rows of ladies who wanted to share their favorite book (surprisingly, they liked Middlesex).  It was a nicely organized event at a stately historic home.  Finger food sprawled on the table in the dining room.  Plus, we raised money for the Louisville Free Public Library Foundation, which you may or may not recall is still reeling from the flood last summer.  All in all, it was a nice evening.

One panelist shared a very cool thing that her book club did.  After reading Banker to the Poor by Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, her group actually supported a local entrepreneur with a micro-loan.  I'd like our group to donate a book kit to the library or support a local literacy group, one focused on early literacy.

Here's the link to the library foundation.  Give them some love:

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