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April 28, 2010

Too good to be true?

So, out of the blue an old (and considerably warped) college friend of mine sent me an email last night telling me about a writing gig.  (And by warped I mean, every time this friend emails me - having never met my husband - he insists that my husb has a nasty addiction of some kind.  This week it's estrogen pills.)  Seems a friend of his has a new start-up and wants to hire a writer to compose short, snappy descriptions of . . . I don't know yet.  He thinks I could make around $700/month off of a few hours work a week.  Is this too good to be true?  I'm a writing ho' so I said, put me in touch with the friend and here I am, wondering, "Do I contact her first or wait for her to email me?'  I don't want to sound desperate.  Fortunately, I'm too busy to worry about it until Friday. 

Oh yeah, and I've made an arrangement with the Catholic school down the street to tutor on their premises 3 hours a day, 1 day a week this summer.

And . . . we're getting a nice tax refund.

I won't even utter anything positive about our finances and my writing/teaching career for fear of it smacking me in the face at a later date.  I'm just going to stay optimistic, like Bruce Chatwin's ancient plumbing.

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