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May 3, 2010

One Book, One Twitter

American Gods: A NovelThis has nothing to do with creative non-fiction, but it does sound fun.  Heard about it on Fresh Air.

Obviously, I'm a crazy person for considering this because a.) I have 3 more books to read and absorb before late June and b.) my kids are almost out of school.  When exactly am I going to find extra time to read for fun and start Tweeting about it?  Truth is, I've wanted to read American Gods for some time now, we already own it (of course, if you know anything about my husband - Neil Gaiman=GOD), and I like the idea of a virtual book club to discuss a potentially controversial and almost certainly dark and hilarious Gaiman novel.  So, I'm in.  Kind of.  I haven't registered with Twitter yet, but I did start reading the book last night.

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