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June 22, 2010

Buenos Dias!

We arrived in Buenos Aires a few hours ago.  I'm showered and semi-alert, waiting for my roommate, Laura, to shower before we explore the sites.  Katy, the summer residency coordinator extraordinaire, has arranged for a walking tour to begin promptly at 1:15 in front of our hotel.  I have free wifi in the hotel room, so that rocks.  My only woe is that my dang charger won't charge my phone.  Not that I'm planning to make a bunch of international phone calls, but it also is my only camera and I would really like to take some memorable photos while on another continent!  I may be looking for a Mac store pronto.

Any Mac gurus out there?  Feel free to chip in on suggestions.  I'm frustrated.

That's my minor glitch.  All else is peachy.  Can't wait to find some cafe con leche.

The residency begins tomorrow, so book talk to come.

This is our swank accommodations

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