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July 17, 2010


Wish I had a new book to rave about, but truth is, I'm reading individual essays right now.  The latest essay I read is a chapter from one of my favorite books, Whoredom in Kimmage by Rosemary Mahoney.  This chapter is anthologized in The Art of Fact, which I'm reading for my first MFA packet.  The packets are groups of writing - both creative and critical pieces - amounting up between 35-40 pages.  My first one is due Sept. 2, so I've been trying to write whenever possible (hence my absence from the blogosphere).  Anyhoo, Mahoney is funny and can really describe the heck out of a person's features.  There is no way I'd want to be in a room with her!  She is not flattering.  The chapter I read is the one where she examines what life is like for lesbians in contemporary Ireland and to do so, she visits two lesbian bars.  It's very dialogue-intensive, so she captures these women very well.  It's also very sad.  So much loneliness and despair.  The women know they are outcasts, but they are devoted to Ireland and will never leave the island that hates them.  I can't say enough wonderful things about Mahoney's book.  I hope it's still in print.

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