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March 19, 2009

Crossing shizzle of my lizzle

Staying home has its advantages, I'm learning.
I'm getting things accomplished.

Recently, I admitted to myself, my husband, and my therapist (in that order) that I was embracing my Type A personality once and for all. Years spent in denial really has lead me to the therapist. Hey, this could save me money!

So today, I ran all over town trying to take kids to school, soccer (more on that to come), the car dealership, the grocery, the baker and the candlestick maker. Once I got home, I couldn't stop the productivity. Remember that kid's game that needed new batteries? Done! Oh, and the dog ID tags that actually don't do any good sitting in a drawer? Done! Laundry? Done! (Well, kinda. It's still in the dryer, but I did put away last week's load!)

Soon, I hope to have loftier goals. Blog-worthy goals. Projects. And each of these projects (I mysteriously plan) to have photographed - can you give me a Before and After, yeeeaahhh - and sorted on their own blog-a-rific page. That means, dear reader (all 2 of you sweethearts) that I may be switching off of clunky Blogster to iWeb. That's my first project. It will not have a photograph.

Stay tuned for more Xs next to the To Do List.

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