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December 30, 2009

More Shizzle, Same Lizzle

I'm sitting with a new laptop and a waning battery contemplating what the hell happened to crossing items off of my 2009 to-do list and documenting them on this blog. Well, the good news is . . . the new year is staring me down and I have no more excuses. I will update my blog, I will update my blog, I will update my blog is my new mantra for 2010. New year. New decade. New dedication, I promise. But this time, I may have a short turn-around: I'm applying for an MFA in writing at Spalding University in Creative Nonfiction. If accepted, I'll begin in May. That's not a ton of time to accomplish my mile-long list and document it regularly (with photos, as promised). If, however, I don't matriculate, I'll have loads of time . . . right?

What, you may wonder, is on this marvelous list? Yoga or pilates for starters. I have a degenerative disc in my lumbar (or old lady back) and have endured the chronic pain for 3 years now (How old is my son? Oh yeah, almost 3!) and I have finally decided this is stupid and pointless. I have to strengthen the ole' core muscles, so yoga it is (along with some basic swim instruction to help a flabby lady like me feel some minor confidence in a lap pool on my own).

So, that's priority 1. Priority 2 concerns organization, or lack thereof, in my house/my life. First order of business: get that shit off of my desk! Total home office rehaul and the creation of a writing nook in my secret closet (you'll see what I mean when I post the photos). Then there's finding time for creativity. I want to start a cottage craft industry - paper craft to be exact. But first, I may need to purchase Illustrator and take an online tutorial. Oh the paper crafts I could do. I am recently inspired by my best friend's Etsy business, Pure Rubbish. It and she are inspired. I have followed her process from dream to prototypes to polished designs and products to a Web presence and sales! (Check it out. Her line is naughty, funny, practical and environmentally friendly. So much to love.) Priority before all of this, let's call it Pre-1, is finish my damn MFA application and send it in. I can rest easy and start x-ing off the remaining items once this is accomplished.

Other items on the continued list include: Mondays are for writing (and not just on the blog); every day is for writing (on the blog); walking my dog regularly; organizing all of my family photos (including, embarrassingly enough, printing my wedding photos from 2001 and putting them in an album); learning how to sew and play my Daisy Rock pink guitar; painting the walls of my downstairs rooms; framing all of our purchased art and hanging it; and making more of my gifts over the next year.

Can I do it? I don't know, but the New Year approacheth and while I've never been one for resolutions, I'm resolving to change all of that .

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