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April 6, 2010

Hello helplessness

I looked up from Pearl In A Storm yesterday and found myself on page 197.  I got sucked in.

What I'm amazed with is Tori's tenacity.  She finds herself square in the middle of Hurricane Danielle, she dislocates her shoulder, probably suffers from a concussion, her face is covered in blood, she can't feel her right arm, and she has a nasty lower back injury that sends sparks down her leg, but she wonders whether or not to use the international distress signal.  She growls at helplessness, but eventually she decides not to commit suicide by hurricane and calls for help.

I suffer from Crohn's Disease, an ignoble intestinal autoimmune irritation.  Yesterday, I felt like my innards set sail through a hurricane.  I understand Tori's anger at human frailty.  I kept going.  I poured extra doses of prescriptions down my gullet.  I had a date with my husband and damnit, I was going.  Ultimately, though, the only "cure" is rest and time.  Hello helplessness.

Maybe Tori and I aren't so dissimilar.

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