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May 30, 2010

Mr. McSnotty-pants

Theroux is proving to be a big snob.  He actually wrote this after a fellow passenger offered him his Spanish language comic book: "Comics are for kids and illiterates." (pg. 351)  Oh, and university Deans, cuz my husband has a very extensive collection.

But, then he redeemed himself a page later with a pointed commentary on Che Guevara chic.  Noting that there is a high-end clothing store in London called Che Guevara, Theroux complains: "There is no faster way of destroying a man, or mocking his ideas, than making him fashionable.  That Guevara succeeded in influencing dress-designers [and I might add, college t-shirt designers] was part of his tragedy." (pg. 352)  Then again, that also sounds snobby.

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