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May 31, 2010

One good quandry

Question:  should someone as given to worry as me strongly consider sending my Vita for a full-time composition position when I am just beginning my MFA in two weeks?  It's not tenure-track and an acquaintance on the hiring committee said they haven't been happy with the applicants.  She thinks I would stand a good chance.  Normally, I'd jump at this opportunity.  I LOVE teaching first-year students (call me masochist), but I also want to commit to the grad school experience.


  1. I say it depends on the course load.

  2. Yeah, it's Spalding, so the 6-week schedule. Four classes per session. Sounds overwhelming without graduate work and kids, but people do it.

  3. Then I'd say it depends on your childcare availability. Sounds like a great opportunity, if intense, but it also sounds like you won't get as much time with your kiddos.

    Let me know if you want to grab a cuppa coffee and discuss further!

  4. Yes to coffee. Weekends are best.