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July 9, 2010

Bus ride

At much prompting from my sister, I'm back.  I returned from Argentina nearly a week ago and it has taken much of that week to a.) get over the travel exhaustion, b.) get over the Argentine stomach monster and c.) screw my head back on and set it to "My Life, Kentucky".

I'll recap as much as I can and include some photos of the trip to boot.  I think I can categorize the experience into several sections: academic, sight-seeing, shopping.  I most want to talk about the academics, but I think my sister wants to hear about the sight-seeing, so I'll start there.

A few days into the trip we went on a bus tour of the city with the very sweet expat, Maddy, as our guide.  When asked why she moved to Buenos Aires, she replied, "I love B.A. like a man."  Enough said.  On this tour we learned that the triple-wide Avenue de Neuvos Julio (July 9th) is the widest street in the world (was it 12 lanes?  I think so.), saw a gorgeous public sculpture of Don Quixote emerging from a slab of rock, visited the La Boca neighborhood (very colorful, touristy, and apparently dangerous at night) where I was shooed away from taking photos of art in a market and visited two art museums, and ended up in the penthouse of the Con Artist Artist.  Laura coined that nickname.  The artist and his yoga instructor girlfriend are Californians who welcomed us into their swanky home/gallery.  After the wine stopped flowing and the cheese disappeared, the artist announced that all of his art was for sale, as were his t-shirts, and kept wandering back to his bedroom where we threw our coats and purses.  While he was on the up-and-up, the whole scenario was odd, so we left early.

Here are some photos from this day.
La Boca
Viejo Puerto (The Old Port)   
Frightening candy vendors on the port

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  1. Hey, I've been in exactly the same spot in La Boca! :) A couple of my friends had an "Evita" moment up on that balcony. ;)