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September 24, 2010

Language lesson

My daughter goes to an urban, public Montessori school. In this case, urban is a euphemism for poor. My husband and I love the mix of the student population. Fiona is friends with Dylan and Sarah, Cemari and Nyai. She hugs everyone, no matter what their zip code or income tax bracket.

When we first considered sending her to this school, the neighborhood- vacant lots, Baptist churches, and housing projects- worried us. Now, a year into the experience, we are not merely pleased, I'm a VP on the bleedin' PTA. Still, nothing prepared me, not even my open liberal mind, for the two second dispute I walked into at Fiona's school during her Open House. Fiona and I stepped out of her class to walk to the art room when I saw two women, one with a dew rag on her head pulling a toddler by the hand, engaged in a loud interchange that went something like this: "Oh, and then you fucked my man!" To which the thin woman replied, "He put a ring on MY finger!"

Not the education I was hoping for my daughter. Let's hope it was an isolated Open House incident.

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