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December 14, 2010


I am not reading much, nor writing, these days.  It's holiday season, so go figure.  I also have tremendous writer's block.  What do I do with my free time, you ask?  After I chuckle for ten minutes at the very notion, I recover and say: prowling freelance writing websites like a desperate ho'.  Terrible.  These sites give you listings, but most ask that you subscribe (for only $49/year) to read the full description or to apply.  $49 to read a description.  That's right.  Am I alone in thinking this is a scam?

My mentor wants me to focus on writing.  To find my muse by: taking a stroll in a park, going to the racetrack (he seriously suggested this, and I love the man, but that's just not my scene), meditating.  Something to inspire.  Instead, I focus on a.) publishing (I've sent out at least 3 submissions and 2 contest entries this fall), b.) the rejection I get from said publishing efforts, and c.) money.  I need to pull in some money to help defray our monthly expenses and I have to have a flexible schedule and autonomy.  Other moms do this.  I need a money mentor.  If I could secure a small salary, then I could free my brain to read and write again.  Right?

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