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December 22, 2010

Facing the demon

My personal copy of the book
This is rough.  Re-reading Night is not holiday fare.  Children being hung in a concentration camp is not putting me in the festive spirit of the season.  But I'm not doing this as entertainment.  I'm facing a demon: the source of my lost faith.  I have no epiphanies yet, but I have had one profound-ish thought: Elie Weisel was 12 when he learned about, but doubted the truth of the Holocaust and 15 when he was sent with his family to Auschwitz; I was 12 when I read Night for the first time and 15 when I was confirmed in Sunday School.  It's coincidence, but it hit me hard.  I also keep thinking how many teenagers are required to read this book in high school, which leads me to three other thoughts: 1.) this is too devastating a story to digest as a teenager, 2.) Elie Weisel was a teenager when this happened to him, and 3.) how can anyone walk away from this book unchanged?

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