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January 25, 2011

Books for writers -- not my suggestions

While perusing Facebook over a bowl of cereal, I found this link and thought it worth posting: A Writer's Booklist. The author, John Rember, suggests 5 books for writers to inspire new writing.  I have to admit, I've only read Oryx and Crake, Margaret Atwood's horrifying dystopian novel -- only slightly more horrifying than The Handmaid's Tale -- but his reasons for listing these 5 books are sound.  I may have to give Robert Pirsig and Kurt Vonnegut another try (since last picking up in high school).

In other news: I can't seem to finish the whisper-thin book Night.  I read a page, grimace and put it down.
Instead, I've been slowly finishing the last Harry Potter (yes, still -- 6 pages a night before bed in an 800 page novel takes a while) and have begun Patti Smith's most amazing memoir, Just Kids.  More on that to come.  Just wow.


  1. I'm reading Just Kids, too! Loving it, so beautiful.

  2. I just finished the last Harry Potter and I was surprised at how well written it was in comparison to the previous ones. I actually found it gripping, fantastical, and surprising at the end.

  3. The Snape story was certainly surprising and redemptive, but I found the Dumbledore purgatory chapter a bit expository. Even the Snape pensieve story is expository, but at least Harry "witnesses" it. I do agree, though, Sarah. It has been gripping and surprising. I'm rereading the afterword now and just wish she hadn't done this. Personally, I don't need to know what happens 19 years into the future when so much happened in 6 months. I would rather have seen the funerals and been in the moment a little longer. That's just me.