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December 3, 2010


I am sans book and it's making me feel unmoored. I've reread some favs like Sedaris and Ayelet Waldman, and I even wrote critical essays about them, but I'm not driven to reread the whole collection. Saw Harry Potter 7, Pt. 1 so I have started rereading that. Fun, but not instructive. I've gone back to my idols, Marion Winik and Virginia Woolf, but the ADD, she is strong. I needs me some non-fiction manna. The last book that captured me was a novel, The Help. Oh so fine. But, alas, I write essays so I need some nonfiction that will rock the very fibers of my being, or at least help me feel anchored again.


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  1. Nonfiction is my raison-de-eater. I HIGHLY recommend Missing Mountains, ed. Silas House. In the same vein, Erik Reece's Lost Mountain is excellent. Ever read MFK Fisher's stuff? I love her essays.