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December 8, 2010

The mother of all book sales

Every year I hit the Scholastic Book Fair Warehouse Sale to score books on the cheap for my kids.  Technically, it's open to teachers and librarians and technically, I am a professor; however, I am not purchasing for my classroom.  There.  That's my confession.  I also have told many friends about it and they do the same thing.  Confession Numero Dos.  Now, I'm blogging it for the world - or at least 8 more people - to know about.

Tomorrow, I am working the sale to earn $10/hour in books.  So basically, $50 in books for a 5 hour stint will afford me around 10 books, if I'm a savvy shopper.  Most books are 50% off of cover price and some are priced as marked ($1.99 in some cases).  Can you feel my excitement? Many of the books are Scholastic paperback versions of books that are only available in hardback.  I'm hoping to find Mo Willem's Knuffle Bunny Free.  My kids are big fans.

Customers throw their chosen books in a banker's box with a rope on one end (for the purpose of dragging the box around as the books start getting heavier).  It looks like a poor man's dog show, all of these women pulling their boxes by a rope around and around the warehouse.

Sidenote: I haven't worked 5 hours straight in several years, so I'll either enjoy all of the grown up time or I'll whine about being tired.  Either way, I'm coming home with a box of books.

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